Dog Grooming Services

Bilbo - Giving up and falling to sleep
whilst having a groom

Health Check

Health Check - this is carried out before grooming begins in order to assess your pet's overall health and to make sure he/she is well enough to be groomed.  Should any problems be found on the health check then I will of course report these to you.

Your dog will enjoy a massaging bath before having his or her coat fully dried using modern and up to date drying equipment and techniques (no cage dryers).

Your dog will be well cared for and reassured during the clipping process, guaranteeing your dog’s wellbeing is our main priority and he or she has all our attention and will never be left alone.

Nervous, Fear Aggressive and Disabled dogs are catered for and special attention is given to elderly dogs and puppies.

Flea Treament

Each dog and it’s owner has a different requirement. Prices will vary depending on the breed, condition of the coat and the amount of styling required. If your dog is very matted, please contact us and we can discuss the grooming required.

Removing matt’s is a time consuming process and can be very uncomfortable for the dog. Taking time to slowly and carefully remove the matt’s is the most important part of the grooming process.

Please get in touch for prices.

Optional Drop off and pick up service

Chorley Leyland and surrounding areas
Euxton, Astley Village,
Buckshaw Village,
Whittle-le- Woods 

Dog Grooming Services

Oscar - Chilling whilst i clipped his tummy

Whether it’s just a wash and dry or a full groom, your loved pet will be well looked after and spoilt, making it a special day for them. Pawsome Pets offers a grooming service tailored to meet your requirements and to suit your dog’s breed. We will always have a chat with you before your appointment to discuss the type of cut and finish you would like.  

Health Check

(Includes nail trimming, pads and ear cleaning)

Here are some of the basic checks that are carried out during grooming.

Ears: Checking the ears for odour, discharge and inflammation is a way of detecting problems and infection.

Eyes: Checking the whites of the dog’s eyes and ensuring that they are clear from discharge, crustiness and swelling.

Gums: Ensuring that gums are pink (possibly with some black pigmentation) and pressing them to ensure a two-second refill. Dark pink colour may indicate gum disease.

Teeth:  Examining the colour of the teeth which should be white, or slightly yellow for older dogs. There should be no excess plaque or looseness.

Nose: Checking that the nose is damp and cool with no crust or discharge.

Skin: Looking for sores, flaky skin. lumps, bumps and parasites. Using the appropriate shampoo.

Coat: Assessing overall condition is neither excessively dry or greasy. Using the appropriate shampoo.

Paws and Nails: Clipping the nails will help to prevent potential health problems. If this is not done the tendons and bone structure of the foot and leg can be compromised.

Bottom:  Making sure that there is no swelling or discharge.
(With female dogs then there could be discharge associated with being in season which is not a cause for concern).

—Optional Pick up and Drop off Services

Collection and drop off service £1 a mile.

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